Commonly Well

Not many things in life are black and white, and that includes addiction recovery. Commonly Well aims to redefine the narrative around sobriety and reached out to Data Culture to help show that their Recovery Capital Index how holistic measurement can change the recovery space.


Founded in 2020 with the goal of redefining sobriety, Commonly Well fosters the growth of the Recovery Capital Index (RCI); a holistic, person-centered measurement of wellbeing that is transforming addiction recovery. Eager to demonstrate the power of the RCI and tell stories of the people the RCI has helped, Commonly Well asked us to create a microsite that shows nationwide recovery capital insights and the benefits of measurement as intervention.


Data Culture created a beautiful & dynamic custom microsite using data from the RCI platform, with each visualization designed to adapt to new data as the RCI product grows. Working closely with the Commonly Well team, we crafted an impactful narrative that can be used in both internal and external communications & marketing. Behind the scenes, we also implemented a modern and scalable data infrastructure to support the microsite, internal data analytics and future storytelling projects.

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“The final microsite has been an immediately valuable asset. It elevates our narrative and brand position. It shows our stakeholders how complex survey data comes together to tell a better and more meaningful story about overcoming addiction.”

David Whitesock

CEO & Co-Founder, Commonly Well